A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Thank you for playing the demo! Project Wiz is a 2D Metroidvania set in a world where evil creatures from another planet took control of (almost) everyone's mind.

The key mechanic of my Metroidvania is that you, as the Light Wizard, can drain lights from the environment to restore your magic, and with your magic you can restore your health and use some spells.

Please note the following:

  • this is the first ever public build of the game, it's an super early access released to get feedback about the mechanics.
  • you only have access to the start area and the tree area, the final version of the game is intended to have at least 8 areas.
  • when you kill the boss there's nothing left to do in this first build
  • there is currently no map in the demo, however, the final game will have a map available to the player.

About the game

Play as Wiz and find your way through a world full of different areas waiting to be explored, each filled with different enemies, bosses and surroundings. 

Controls (keyboard)

  • Arrows - Movement
  • Space - Jump
  • Up - Interact
  • X - Attack
  • C - Dash
  • Z - Fireball

Controls (SN30PRO+ / Generic Gamepad)

  • Left joystick - Movement
  • Left arrows - Movement
  • B - Jump
  • Up - Interact
  • Y - Attack
  • R /RT/L/LT - Dash 
  • A - Fireball

All feedbacks are appreciated!

Follow me on twitter  (@wulfdev) to get daily development updates.

Thank you!


WINDOWS build v0.0.1 66 MB
MACOS build v0.0.1.1 75 MB


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Jogo ficou muito bom ...

Muito obrigado!! Vou atualizá-lo constantemente agora

The idea is great, boss battle is too over power, and level need few adjustments to balance game frustration/accomplishment

thanks for the feedback. I’ll improve the balance